TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Tony Cervellione

400 200 Entelligence

As a way to commend and honor the hard work and dedication of our team members, we have asked each of them to answer a set of questions that will help others get to know them better. Our team members are all unique individuals with incredible life experience and we want the world to know.

Meet Tony Cervellione:



1. Have you had any great mentors in your life/career? Yes, my first boss on my first firewall team. He changed my life honestly, and I still miss him a lot.

2. What is the best advice you have received? Behaving and sounding confident is the most important thing. You don’t always need to know everything, but always sound like you do!

3. Where is your favorite spot in your hometown to spend time in? The Champion’s Club at Cardinals baseball games. The buffet is awesome.

4. What are you reading or listening to right now? I am more of a TV watcher. Better Call Saul is my favorite show right now.

5. What career milestones are you most proud of? I am proud of every milestone and every step of this career. I started over at 35 as an ex-bartender and ten years later, I am an IT security and firewall consultant at a major telecom. It feels like a dream, but I worked hard for it and have paid my dues.

6. What do you do to relax? I play basketball, call and chat with all my old friends, and enjoy cigars and bourbon with friends on the weekend.

Thank you Tony for being such a valuable member of our team!