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Your future is helping the world’s technology leaders deliver their most advanced cloud solutions to their most important customers.

At Entelligence, our consultants are industry A-Players — those exceptional few who outperform 90% of the people in their field.

Our clients – the largest cloud service providers and enterprise IT vendors – rely on our consultants to deliver their most advanced solutions to their biggest, most important customers. That means our consultants (you) work alongside or lead our clients’ own expert consultants.

The result? You elevate your career to a whole new level as Entelligence helps you become the subject matter expert in your chosen platform, technology, or discipline.

And, if you’re not ready today, that’s no problem. If you’ve demonstrated your ability to be a high performer in enterprise IT environments, Entelligence will help you “train up” through assignments, training, and support that build your experience and you in your dream position – an IT consulting A-player!

  • Entelligence consultants are W2 employees with full benefits including health, 401k, and more.
  • WE ARE PROACTIVE with consultant assignments and provide consistent, quick communication with internal support staff and managers.
  • Our support for our consultants is real. It continues after recruitment. You’re “one of us.”
  • There is a comprehensive onboarding process, access to training & certifications, and support.
  • We focus on strategic programs and projects with our vendor clients, not random IT jobs.
“We believe in helping people see their own brilliance so they can be the best version of themselves.”

– Steve Satterwhite, CEO

Elevate Your Career Today.

Now is the time to elevate your career with Entelligence. And there’s never been a better time to do it.

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Why Entelligence

The entire Entelligence team is committed to maintaining the integrity of partners’ solutions, technology & architecture, services strategy, and most importantly the brand experience of each of their customers.

That’s why Entelligence manages each of our clients’ issues, opportunities, and escalations as if their brand in the IT marketplace depends on it – because it does!

Entelligence is a Great Place To Work®


“Entelligence values their consultants and provides opportunities to grow and explore new technologies.”

“Entelligence cares about doing what is best for their customers”
– Frank Mbanusi

“Entelligence invests in helping me grow and be better at my job.”
– Shuler MeHaffey

“I increased my income by 15% in just 2.5 years with Entelligence.”
– Pedro Duarte

“Entelligence treats their employees more like family than placements.”
– Nick Elliot

“Entelligence went the extra mile to find me a position that better met my needs.”
– Sean Beverley

“Entelligence offers support and encouragement every step along the way.”
– Tamara Nuri

“Entelligence cares that we get the most possible out of our jobs.”
– Tom Batcheler

“This job is more fun than Entelligence explained! It’s the best job ever!”
– Toni Ortega

“Entelligence never fails to do the right and best thing for their consultants”
– Navid Hassain

“Entelligence made doing my job easy, and my career continues to grow.”
– Resident Engineer

“I’ve never seen that much effort put into an employee before.”
– Mark Goldenberg