Entelligence Services for Cloud-Powered Organizations

We specialize in the unique needs of advanced enterprise IT solutions and the demands of the world’s biggest organizations.

Market Trends

The great enterprise cloud migration is underway and accelerating, as organizations leverage the nearly infinite computing resources available on cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. In fact, by 2026, enterprise cloud computing spending is expected to reach $850 billion. This growth will be driven by the continued adoption of cloud-based applications, the need for greater agility and scalability, the opportunity for a global digital footprint, and the desire to control and reduce IT costs.

This cloud migration also strongly influences the purchase of specific technologies and services that will strengthen cloud security, including solutions like SOAR, SASE, XDR, IAM, API security, ZTS, and more. Total investments in cloud security are expected to reach a staggering $33.3 billion by 2026. With investments on that scale, it is essential that today’s cloud-powered organizations optimize the performance of every investment to secure their IT infrastructure.

Many of these technologies are inherently complex, but must be properly configured, integrated, and operationalized to ensure they deliver maximum security value. That requires enterprise staff resources who are experienced with a broad range of cloud security technologies. Unfortunately, most enterprise IT organizations continue to struggle with the chronic shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, with estimates of more than 3.5 million currently unfilled positions worldwide. And recent research suggests that cloud security professionals are now the single hardest skillset to find.

The Entelligence Solution

For more than 25 years, Entelligence has been working with thousands of security-minded enterprise customers, as well as dozens of leading technology vendors, to deliver the specific set of strategic and tactical professional services required to achieve critically important IT objectives. Entelligence has been able to achieve this scale by leveraging its continuously vetted global network of experienced, certified cybersecurity consultants.

Today, Entelligence is laser-focused on providing customized professional services that help enterprise customers implement a strong cloud security defense against a new generation of cyberattacks originating from outside and inside the company. Just as important, Entelligence service consultants have expertise working with both single-vendor technology deployments, as well as complex multi-vendor cloud environments. In either case, Entelligence works closely as an extension of enterprise security teams to ensure that all components of the architecture are optimized to deliver a strong security posture across all cloud services. Of course, Entelligence experts can also be deployed to help protect traditional on-premises and data center resources.

The specific suite of professional services Entelligence offers to cloud-powered enterprises can be easily tailored to the needs of each organization. But the service offerings tend to fall into three main categories.

The Skills and Experience Required for Large Enterprise Solutions

Entelligence specializes in the unique needs of advance enterprise IT solutions and the demands of delivering to the world’s biggest organizations. All our consultants have at least 10 years of experience in large enterprise IT environments and are experts in the technologies specific to your solutions.

Professional Service Offerings

Entelligence offers direct enterprise customers a set of custom-tailored cybersecurity service offerings that fall into three categories:


As organizations migrate to the cloud, traditional network boundaries are eliminated and new opportunities emerge, both internally and externally, for cyberattacks across an expanded cloud or multi-cloud attack surface. As a starting point in building a strong defense, Entelligence can identify gaps in cloud security architectures, then develop and help implement a comprehensive plan to strengthen the organization’s security posture.


Cybersecurity vendors continually introduce new products, technologies, and SaaS-based services that are essential to help protect cloud-powered organizations from disruptive cyberattacks. Entelligence works closely with these organizations to ensure that every new cyber solution is seamlessly integrated into their existing security architectures, and all necessary staff members are properly trained to extract maximum value from these investments. As noted earlier, Entelligence is equally capable of helping customers achieve this same objective when dealing with complex, multi-vendor environments.


The current cyber skills gap leaves most enterprise customers struggling to fill critical long-term vacancies in their cybersecurity operations team – especially as it relates to finding strong cloud security professionals. Entelligence addresses this issue by offering high-value “residency services” for a 6- or 12-month period, staffed by certified experts that can manage specific vendor products or multi-vendor ecosystems. They can also work as a cloud security analyst in the SOC, help guide overall cybersecurity architecture strategy, or help drive and manage other strategic projects.