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As a way to commend and honor the hard work and dedication of our team members, we have asked each of them to answer a set of questions that will help others get to know them better. Our team members are all unique individuals with incredible life experience and we want the world to know.

Meet Kristen Adame:



1. How do you describe your leadership style? I have a people-first mindset and believe that when the members of a team feel personally and professionally fulfilled, they are more effective and more likely to produce great results. My emphasis is on, collaboration, trust, respect, and encouraging innovation. Being a servant leader means that I value the power of a team as a necessary means of strengthening an organizations growth and success.

2. Describe your perfect weekend day. Everyone needs a break to recharge. My idea of the perfect weekend would be sleeping in a bit, driving to the beautiful Colorado mountains for a day hike, and then hitting one of the many unique and amazing restaurants to refuel. There are several beautiful trails within minutes of my house.

3. What’s your favorite part of your job and why? As a Senior Project Manager, I love that every project and every customer is different. I enjoy making things happen. It’s incredibly satisfying to see and manage a solution that helps our customers.

4. What’s your favorite Entelligence core value and why? My favorite Entelligence core value is Trust and Respect – The core of all relationships. The foundation of a good relationship starts with trust. Trust builds teamwork and collaboration. Respect at work is a vital part of establishing a healthy and productive working environment. Mutual respect means that all team members are valued for their achievements, abilities, and qualities, all of which promote a positive culture where team members feel content, loyal, productive, and motivated to perform at their very best.

5. How do you recharge after work? It’s imperative that I recharge my energy, focus, and motivation. We are such a busy family with full days, it’s important for me to set aside time to do nothing (on purpose). Being intentionally idle is out of my comfort zone but helps me be more creative, productive, and healthy.

6. What inspires you? Ambition is being eager or hungry to desire and accomplish something; it is something I can’t get enough of. I surround myself with others who have achieved a lot and continue to push for more. I have realistic goals that are challenging but attainable.

7. Tell us a little about your family. I am married to Brian, who owns his own company here in Denver. We have a daughter Delaney that graduated from CU Boulder and is now pursuing her master’s degree in Public Health through the University of Nebraska. Jesse is 15 years old and will be a high school freshman. He plays football, basketball, and baseball. Devyn will be an 8th grader this year and she enjoys student government, volleyball, and soccer. Sadly, we lost our 17-year-old son Cameron to a car accident in December of 2019. He was also athletic and played football and ran track.

8. What’s the best concert you’ve been to? Living just 30 minutes from the Red Rocks Amphitheater, I am ashamed to stay that I don’t attend a lot of concerts. However, one of my favorite concerts was Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at Red Rocks the summer of 1986.