Entelligence Services for Cybersecurity Vendor Partners

We specialize in the unique needs of advanced enterprise IT solutions and the demands of delivering to the world’s biggest organizations.

Market Trends

The global market for professional cybersecurity services is growing rapidly and is projected to reach $266B by 2027. Much of this growth is being driven by the increased enterprise adoption of cloud-based applications and services. To protect their private and public cloud infrastructures, enterprise security teams are also expected to invest more than $33 billion in new cloud security solutions by 2026.

These investments include a broad set of innovative tools, technologies, and services – including solutions like SOAR, SASE, XDR, IAM, API security, ZTS, and more. These are necessary to help organizations defend themselves against cyberattacks, while also supporting increased regulatory requirements for cybersecurity.

It’s worth noting, however, that when IT organizations select vendors to help address their cloud security requirements, product fit is just part of the equation. The other critically important requirement is that the vendor can deliver the specific set of customized professional services necessary to ensure that the solution is properly installed, configured, and operationalized to provide maximum value for the enterprise customer.

Most cybersecurity vendors understand the value (and revenue potential) of offering professional services, but they are confronted with the same challenge facing nearly every customer organization. That is, given the massive cyber skills gap worldwide, how do you find the talent you need with the ideal set of skills and experience to grow your professional services organization and keep your customers satisfied? To make it more challenging, recent research suggests that cloud security professionals are now the single hardest skillset to find.

The Entelligence Solution

For more than 25 years, Entelligence has been partnering with dozens of leading networking and cybersecurity vendors and, by extension, thousands of security-minded enterprise customers, to deliver a comprehensive set of strategic and tactical professional services that vendors require for their customers. Entelligence has been able to achieve this scale by leveraging its continuously vetted global network of experienced, certified networking and cybersecurity consultants.

Today, Entelligence uses its consultant network in partnership with leading cybersecurity vendors to provide a broad range of customized professional services that help their customers implement a strong cloud security architecture. Entelligence experts can also be deployed to help vendor partners with traditional on-premises and data center deployments. Through these partnerships with Entelligence, cybersecurity vendors can extend the value (and revenue) of their professional services organizations, respond faster to customer requests for services, and, most important, help ensure every vendor solution is properly installed, configured, and operationalized.

Entelligence typically operates as a seamless extension of a vendor’s professional services organization. As a strategic vendor partner, Entelligence consultants are certified as experts on specific products included in the vendor’s service offering. It’s also worth noting that Entelligence can deliver customized services under its own brand or transparently under the vendor’s corporate brand. Either option is available at the preference of the vendor partner.

The specific suite of professional services Entelligence offers to cloud-powered enterprises can be easily tailored to the needs of each organization. But the service offerings tend to fall into three main categories.

The Skills and Experience Required for Large Enterprise Solutions

Entelligence specializes in the unique needs of advance enterprise IT solutions and the demands of delivering to the world’s biggest organizations. All our consultants have at least 10 years of experience in large enterprise IT environments and are experts in the technologies specific to your solutions.

Professional Service Offerings

Entelligence offers vendor customers a set of custom-tailored cybersecurity service offerings that fall into three categories:

As organizations migrate to the cloud, traditional network boundaries are eliminated and new opportunities emerge for cyberattacks across an expanded attack surface, both internally and externally. Entelligence can help identify gaps in your architecture, then develop and help implement a comprehensive plan to strengthen your organization’s security posture.
Cybersecurity vendors continually introduce new products, technologies, and SaaS-based services that are essential to help protect enterprise organizations from disruptive cyberattacks. Entelligence works closely with these organizations to ensure that every new cyber solution is seamlessly integrated into their existing security architectures, and all necessary staff members are properly trained to extract maximum value from these investments.
The current cyber skills gap shows no signs of abating, which leaves most enterprise customers struggling to fill critical long-term vacancies in their cybersecurity operations team. Entelligence addresses this issue by offering vendors and enterprises “residency services” for a 6- or 12-month period, staffed by certified experts that can manage specific products and technologies, work as an analyst in the SOC, or help guide overall cybersecurity architecture strategy.