Here's how Entelligence is elevating the community


This quarter, our team donated their time to BARC; Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption facility. While at the BARC facilities, located at  3200 Carr Street, Houston TX 77026, we were able to assist in several area of the shelter. Some of our staff’s duties included prepped the operation room, prepared frozen treats, and packaged food for foster homes.

The consensus regarding the best part of the day was walking all of the large dogs. These animals spend a large part of their day in the kennel and rely on volunteers to take them out for exercise and play time. The overall experience was incredibly rewarding, and we cannot wait for our next visit to BARC!

In addition to sheltering and providing veterinary care to all animals brought to the shelter, BARC works diligently to place these animals in new homes. They collaborate and coordinate with our Houston Pet Rescue groups and through social media networks to cast the widest possible adoption net. They also provide intensive neo-natal and adult pet fostering programs, along with hands-on volunteer training classes and continuous workshops. For more information, please contact the following:

Pet Adoptions:
Volunteer Information: 832.395.9031 or 832.395.9061
Rescue Group Information: 832.395.9054
Foster Information: