The Mindset of an A Player

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At Entelligence, our mindset IS our people, our customers, our partners, and everyone in between. And throughout our 23-year history and in the many years to come, we have and will go the distance to make sure your experience matches our mindset. It is a philosophy by which we live, work and play. It is the central vision of everything we do. No matter who you are or how you came into our company’s orbit, we want you to have a great experience.

We call this Above The Line. And here’s what it means.

Years ago we came across a book called Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. It explains how David Hawkins, a renowned psychiatrist, created a scale of human traits and behaviors, and the emotions that correspond to them. At the top of his scale, you find positive traits such as enlightenment, love, and peace. At the bottom of the scale, you find negative traits like guilt, shame, fear, and anger. And in the middle, Hawkins included a line that divided traits and behaviors into two categories: those that result in “positive energy” and those that result in “negative energy.” Traits at the top of the chart create the most positive energy, and those at the bottom create the most negative energy. Makes sense, right?

So: positive behaviors drive positive emotions, energy and results. Negative behaviors drive negative emotions, energy and results. The more positive the behavior, the more positive outcome, and obviously enough, the more negative the behavior, the more negative the outcome. Simple.

It makes sense then that A players are generally positive and proactive people. See, they realize there’s only three things in life that you can control:

  1. What you think
  2. What you say
  3. What you do

At the very least, let this be a reminder that you can control every moment by carefully choosing what you think, say and do. You can choose to be positive or negative. Regardless of which way you decide to go, the choice is completely yours.

At it’s best, understanding and actively adjusting what you think, say and do, is a philosophy that can change your life. For those of you who have the courage to purposefully keep your thoughts, words and actions above the line, you will find the kind of sucess that will catapault you to the top of your career, and successes in the rest of your life will surely follow.

Know, however, that this is harder than it looks.

Like being an A player, in order for this to work the Above the Line mentality must be at the center of everything you think, say and do. Your customers, co-workers, peers, family and friends will be impacted by it. And for YOU to be impacted by it, living Above the Line has to become and remain your default way of existing.


Choose negative thoughts and they will drive negative behaviors and impressions.
Choose positive thoughts and they will drive positive behaviors and impressions.

Which will you choose? Will you live above the line, or below it?

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