The Entelligence Services Velocity Program

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Does this sound familiar? You have a brand-new technology product or service and…

  • You do not have enough resources with the right skill sets to implement
  • All of your qualified resources are committed to other projects
  • New headcount requisitions are limited
  • Your services backlog is increasing resulting in unrecognized revenue and profits
  • Your customers are unhappy as they are still on the waiting list for a product or service they invested in weeks ago

By all accounts, services leaders will continue having difficulty finding quality IT resources for the foreseeable future. When positions go unfilled there is an immediate impact on revenue, profits, and customer confidence. Fortunately, Entelligence has the solution.

Click here to learn more about how The Entelligence Services Velocity Program allows your organization to immediately increase its bandwidth by accessing a dedicated pool of fully vetted technology experts on demand.

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