Entelligence Services Velocity Program

The Problem

Does this sound familiar? You have a brand-new technology product or service and…

  • You do not have enough resources with the right skill sets to implement
  • All of your qualified resources are committed to other projects
  • New headcount requisitions are limited
  • Your services backlog is increasing resulting in unrecognized revenue and profits
  • Your customers are unhappy as they are still on the waiting list for a product or service they invested in weeks ago

By all accounts, services leaders will continue having difficulty finding quality IT resources for the foreseeable future. When positions go unfilled there is an immediate impact on revenue, profits, and customer confidence. Fortunately, Entelligence has the solution.

The Solution

In order to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing environment, you need the people and programs to be able to react quickly to needs and opportunities as they evolve. The Entelligence Services Velocity Program allows your organization to immediately increase its bandwidth by accessing a dedicated pool of fully vetted technology experts on demand.

The Features

  • DEDICATED TEAM OF SPECIALISTS. The Entelligence Services Velocity Program delivers the specialized skill sets you need as you need them and are 100% dedicated to your organization with guaranteed access.
  • YOUR PLAYBOOK. YOUR BRAND. Our consultants run your playbook. We align with your processes and systems to eliminate false starts, project escalations, and customer issues. Each of our consultants participate in customer service training to delight customers, protect your brand, and create loyal repeat buyers.
  • PREDICTABLE OPERATING EXPENSE. The Entelligence Services Velocity Program is a more proactive approach to your team’s needs. By allowing you to budget for your needs at a predictable opex versus a more reactive band-aid approach, you have more control over your bottom line.

The Benefits

  • COST SAVINGS. Hiring the right high-quality talent with the right specialization on a timeline can be a struggle and lead to unpredictable costs. Having on-demand access to a team of experts with a wide range of skill sets reduces lost time, low productivity, and risk of unexpected problems in the future – all benefits that result in fewer unexpected costs.
  • IMPROVE UTILIZATION. Issues and special projects can’t be predicted. Don’t spread your team too thin or lose time by diving into the hiring process. With Entelligence, you’ll be confident that you have the manpower and expertise to accomplish your objectives.
  • ELIMINATE PROJECT ESCALATIONS. When issues are addressed by experts that can not only handle the challenge but also have the expertise to identify future problems, you mitigate risks that can ultimately become even more costly to address.
  • BETTER PLANNING = PROJECT SUCCESS. By implementing a more deliberate approach to your resource utilization, you can optimize planning/demand forecasting, reduce your project backlog, and ensure on-time delivery of your projects.


Want to learn more about how Entelligence has helped other companies implement the Services Velocity Program? Download the case study.

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