The Three Commitments of Customer Service: Pillar #1, Vision

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Our experience tells us that when it comes to delivering rock star customer service, there are three main commitments you should follow that will not only lead to your success, but also to very satisfied customers:

  1. Vision, or what we think;
  2. Communication, or what we say; and
  3. Execution, or what we do.

In this blog post we’ll start with the first commitment: vision, or what we think.

Delivering great customer service starts with the clarity of your vision; your intention about the level of service you want to deliver; and your commitment to great customer service. As with most things, the sharper the vision, the easier it is to achieve the desired outcome. It’s the same for customer service. It’s not enough to just say you want to deliver great customer service (although that’s super important too, as we’ll see in our next blog). But you must go one step further: visualize a precise emotional picture of what great customer service means to you, your customer, your organization and more. Think about what you will say, how you will accomplish what your customer is asking of you, the steps you will take to keep the customer and your team engaged, and most importantly, the result of those actions.

Doing this is easy, and more importantly, it provides the foundation upon which you can continue to build up your customer service skills and “wow” them every time. And as we learned, exceptional customer service is the only level of customer service that really counts.

Think of it another way: Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles wrote in Raving Fans that “you must create a vision of perfection centered on the customer.” And Pine and Gilmore write in The Experience Economy that “you must orchestrate memorable events for your customers, and that memory itself becomes the product — the ‘experience.’”

Your vision, your commitment and your intention to deliver great customer service starts within the 7 inches between your ears. It’s your thoughts, your approach and your intentions that make all the difference between merely satisfied customers and amazed customers.

So, what’s your vision? Ask yourself: Am I ok with delivering good customer service? Or am I committed to delivering rock star customer service? Am I going to be a three or four out of five, or am I going to aim for all fives every time, with every customer? Am I going to stand out as a big fish among the smaller one all swimming in the same sea of mediocrity? It’s all a choice. And the choice is all yours.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the IT professionals who deliver the highest-level, rock star customer service get the best jobs, work with the juiciest new technology, get promoted faster, and ultimately make more money. If you could choose to have these things, wouldn’t you want them?

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