Entelligence Engages Veterans for IT Product Launch

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Executive Summary: When a Fortune 500 data storage and cloud computing company, launched their next-generation industry-leading data management software, they turned to Entelligence for help. With the new software release their customers could now simplify their large-scale data management and operations. Customers were excited about the new release, and as a result, initial product demand was robust.

But like any new product launch, the transitional process required software upgrades and data migrations on a significant scale. Entelligence partnered with the company to recruit, train and deploy a team of experienced storage professionals.  It wasn’t easy but like always, Entelligence delivered.  

The Challenge: Like many successful product launches, early product demand and adoption often exceeds the supply of IT professionals that can design, deploy and manage new products. In this case, there simply weren’t enough IT professionals to keep up and deliver on such a large demand for professional services. In addition, in this belt-tightening economy, travel costs to service national clients on-site added significantly to the overall expense of the upgrades. They needed a team of trained IT professionals, at both the local and national levels, who were ready and able to mobilize within weeks.

The Solution: Entelligence turned to the most highly trained, flexible and competent workforce: our nation’s Veterans. Many Veterans already possess a foundational knowledge of data storage and cloud computing technology. They worked together to curate a group of highly accomplished civilian Veterans already in IT consulting roles. While the company provided the technical training, Entelligence provided the professional development and project execution training to create a gung-ho, can-do product launch team.

Results, Return on Investment and Growth: Together, they tackled a seemingly impossible challenge. Along the way, Entelligence created a rapid deployment methodology that was not only process-driven and agile, but it recognized potential problems and prevented them before they even happened.

As a result, their team of local and national U.S. Veterans kept up with surging demand while at the same time saving its customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in product launch delays and related travel expenses. Customer product deployments were on-time and on-budget, and the professional development training the Veterans received resulted in higher customer loyalty. This opened the door for future product purchase pathways


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