How to Pick a Recruiting Company, Top 3 Considerations

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Are you considering using a staffing company to help you find your next project or opportunity? Recruiting/staffing companies are your sales team. They find the opportunities that you may not have access to. Staffing agencies have relationships with industry leaders thus they are able to leverage those relationships and find opportunities that may never reach an online job board. Associating with one of these companies puts you on the fast track to working in, or working for, Fortune 500 companies.

There are several questions to ask yourself before deciding to work with a recruiting company and we’ve outlined the top 3 and why they’re important.

  1. Does this recruiting company specialize in my skill set? Do I go with a niche-based or broad-spectrum company?

What is your background and where do you think you can effectively apply the skills you’ve learned? Take a look on Google, Dice, Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn to find the companies that are posting the positions that you’d like to have. Are the companies posting the positions focused in your niche or are they broad-based staffing companies? A company that works within a defined space may have greater access to jobs than broad-based firms who don’t understand the needs of your industry. Some industry-leading companies outsource their billable services. Finding and working with those companies could ultimately land you at either the end-client or their firm.

  1. What sort of work truly suits my needs? Full-time? Project-based? Full-time? Project-based?

What sort of future opportunity are you trying to find? Companies can offer various types of employment arrangements including, W-2, 1099 corp-to-corp. Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these? Many times recruiting companies can get creative to meet the needs of both the client and you as a consultant. Not only browse their open jobs online but get to know their recruiters so you stay top-of-mind when an opportunity comes along that matches your skillset.

  1. What does my ideal work/life balance scenario look like?

Many people find being a “road-warrior” thrilling. If you love the idea of traveling to a new place and interacting with new people, finding a company that sends you out on new projects can be a great move for you. Being aware of your obligations and preferences will help you and a recruiting company find an opportunity that will work for you.

The number one most important factor when working with a recruiting company is being honest. Being honest with yourself on your skillset as well as your limits for travel or contract work as a job seeker. Being upfront with your recruiter ensures that they don’t waste your time presenting you with opportunities that don’t match your desires.

What’s your experience working with or for a recruiting company? What’s the best piece of advice do you have to offer?

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