Entelligence Speeds Revenue Recognition for NetApp Professional Services

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Since 2012, Entelligence has submitted candidates to NetApp on average within 4 hours of a position opening. NetApp has accelerated project delivery and scaled consultant capacity, recognizing revenue faster.


NetApp, the cloud data management company, didn’t have consultants to deliver professional services projects that were already sold. The backlog of undelivered projects was growing, delaying their ability to recognize revenue for these projects. What NetApp needed was a ready pool of trained, certified, and experienced consultants to quickly deliver projects to their most important customers.


Speed was key to our success. Working closely with our NetApp counterparts, Entelligence developed a process to have a team of consultants trained, onboarded, and productive in a matter of weeks, not months. Entelligence worked closely with NetApp’s Professional Services Organization to review sales pipeline and anticipate consultant needs.


When it comes to the level of collaboration and partnership we get from PSO providers, I would put Entelligence at the top.

– Aaron Babcock, Director of Professional Services, NetApp


NetApp utilizes the Entelligence Same Day Resume guarantee to get qualified consultants faster. Over the past six years, Entelligence has averaged 2-4 hours to submit consultants to NetApp’s Professional Services Organization. Measured by WorkForce Logic, we are the #1 supplier to NetApp, earning us their Proven Performer Award. With Entelligence as a partner, NetApp has improved customer experience with their largest customers and accelerated project delivery, speeding their ability to recognize revenue.

Download the case study