Entelligence Triples Fill Rate With Emerging Technology

With close to $8 billion in revenue, more than 500,000 customers, 75,000 partners, and over 20,000 employees in locations worldwide, VMware, a publicly traded company, is the premier provider of cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. Enterprises use VMware software applications to more efficiently integrate and manage server, storage, and networking functions in order to lower the cost of operating their IT systems. More than half of sales comes from their professional services organization (PSO) which is dedicated to helping customers strategize, implement, and operationalize their products and provide product training for their customers.


VMware’s most profitable technology had no problem selling, but several issues were identified when it came to delivery. Customers were waiting at least three months before their product was implemented. This lag time was due to the fact that the technology was brand new and there were very few qualified resources available. Customers were unhappy, and it became clear that simply sourcing qualified candidates was not serving their customer. VMware needed a smarter solution.


Entelligence developed the Train Up Program: a 4 week course to certify consultants to deliver VMware’s product. This course includes classroom training, live online training, shadowing, and mentorship from active delivery consultants and managers.

The Train Up Program provided VMware with the following benefits:

  • Reduced the time to fill positions
  • Engaged bench resources to make them profitable on other projects
  • Upscaled current delivery consultants by providing them with additional training
  • Elevated consultants’ careers by transitioning fully trained resources to VMware at the end of their contract
  • Shared cost and risk between Entelligence and VMware


The Entelligence Train Up Program has delivered the following business results to the VMware Professional Services organization:

  • Reduced time to fill by 15%
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved customer service rating
  • Improved bench utilization

About Entelligence

At Entelligence, we believe in elevating lives, careers, and communities. This means providing the best solutions so you can grow your business and stop focusing on project failures, false starts, and escalations. We do this by hiring, training, and deploying the most innovative, productive, and engaged IT consultants to OEMs, System Integrators, and Fortune 500 companies to tackle the most challenging enterprise IT projects. Our consultants are not only at the top of their technology game, but they also have the communication, project management, and execution skills that promote compatibility with your existing workforce.

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