20% Cost Savings with On-Demand Resources

Entelligence recently partnered with a company that required on-demand solutions to solve multiple issues, including demand forecasting shortfalls and unstable capacity planning. We were able to reverse these problems and set the company on a new upward trajectory, which included over a 20% reduction in costs.

Client Profile

With close to $8 billion in revenue, more than 500,000 customers, 75,000 partners, and over 20,000 employees in locations worldwide, VMware, a publicly traded company, is the premier provider of cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. VMware is dedicated to helping customers strategize and implement their products.


When Entelligence came on board, despite the company’s sophisticated tools and exceptional software solutions, we discovered that their sales forecast was not always accurate, which made demand forecasting and capacity planning difficult. This in turn lead to poorly utilized employees. These issues combined resulted in costly inefficiencies.

To compete in a globalized market, where competition is tough and profits are under pressure, VMware needed to adopt a leaner, more agile approach to bench management and capacity planning in order to meet their goal of 30 percent bench utilization via channel partners.


We introduced our Retainer Program to support VMware’s computing, network & security, and software defined data center practices. The Retainer Program allowed the company to access a dedicated pool of fully vetted and proven product experts, including solution architects, technical account managers, and project management resources as needed. On-demand solutions for this publicly traded software company included:

  • Total and exclusive access to resources for pre-sales
  • Service delivery and support
  • Fixed monthly rates to optimize demand forecasting
  • Fixed monthly rates to optimize capacity planning budgets


The Entelligence Retainer Program solution returned VMware to optimal efficiency and employees were able to utilize their time productively. The publicly traded software company enjoyed the following benefits:

  • 20 percent cost savings off “Just-In-Time Delivery Rates”
  • Elimination of risk associated with an over or underutilized bench
  • Optimized demand forecasting and capacity planning
  • Reduction in project backlog
  • An increase in “on time delivery” of client projects
  • Reduction in support escalation

About Entelligence

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