Why Hire Veterans?

For many organizations, hiring veterans is a game changer. Our nation’s veterans are the most hard working, motivated, and disciplined team players in the workforce. Veterans are ready, willing and able to bring their valuable technical skills and leadership experience from their military service to your organization now. The benefits of a military background:

  • Trained to give their personal best, especially under adverse conditions
  • Can handle hard work and pressure
  • Experienced in looking at the big picture and completing the “mission”
  • Receive world-class training
  • Are consummate team players
  • Understand working under organizational hierarchies and respect authority
  • Are familiar with quick turnaround and eficient mobilization
  • Experienced in looking at the big picture and completing the “mission”
  • Have a global and tech-savvy outlook
  • Have ingrained leadership skills and understand responsibility

The Challenge

Savvy companies want to hire veterans and veterans want to work for forward-thinking companies that tap into their wealth of experience. But often there’s a skills gap that makes it difficult to connect the dots. For many hiring managers, deciphering what makes up a veteran’s technical and professional experience can be complex. And veterans themselves often have trouble translating how their military experience translates to the civilian world. That’s where we come in.

Here’s how our Veterans IT Program works:

Assess Needs

We work with our clients to determine what their hiring road map looks like, what people are needed and where.

Recruit Veterans

We work with our veteran partnerships to recruit and curate veterans that already have the needed skills or who can be trained quickly.

Technical Training

We utilize our partnerships with OEMs to provide the technical training the veterans need.

Professional Development

We train and certify veterans in our Entelligence IT Professional development program.

Entelligence is honored to be recognized by the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Patriotic Employer.