Entelligence Train Up Program

The Problem

Do you have a brand-new technology and only a limited number of qualified resources to implement and manage it, causing a backup for your customers? Do you have an existing workforce that is being underutilized and can’t be rolled onto other projects because they lack additional skill sets? Do you require a specific skill set that is in such high demand, you can’t find or afford qualified resources? Regardless of the situation, the problem is the same: you need to bridge a skills gap.

The Solution

Entelligence’s Train Up Program is designed to qualify your resources quickly and easily. Entelligence has created dozens of customized versions of this program to help clients staff their technology projects. Typically, Entelligence supplies eligible resources (or utilize bench employees), works with the client to source training, and splits the associated cost (and risk) with the client. This solution is highly customizable, making it accessible to companies of any size or focus.

The Results

Entelligence’s Train Up Program helps you:

• Reduce time needed to fill critical roles
• Improve customer service rating
• Increase revenue
• Improve bench utilization

Success Stories

For over 20 years, the world’s largest product and services companies have trusted Entelligence to deliver outstanding services and customer satisfaction all under their brand label. To find out how we’ve helped our clients grow their team and increase revenue, call us today for a free consultation.


Want to learn more about how Entelligence has helped other companies implement the Train Up Program? Download the case study.

About Entelligence

At Entelligence, we believe in elevating lives, careers, and communities. This means providing the best solutions so you can grow your business and stop focusing on project failures, false starts, and escalations. We do this by hiring, training, and deploying the most innovative, productive, and engaged IT consultants to OEMs, System Integrators, and Fortune 500 companies to tackle the most challenging enterprise IT projects. Our consultants are not only at the top of their technology game, but they also have the communication, project management, and execution skills that promote compatibility with your existing workforce.

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