Project Rooted

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Project Rooted was created with the mission of uplifting the world one fresh meal at a time. Their goal is to educate kids and families on how to choose and prepare healthy, tasty, and sustainable meals for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s impoverished families in need of support or stressed-out parents in need of guidance, Project Rooted is there to support and encourage.

While volunteering, Abby Paulson, our People and Culture Coordinator, was focused was on prepping Rooted Boxes that contain fresh, local ingredients sourced from farmers and growers within her area. Abby was able to cut up around 15 Squash and 200+ Beets. This is what Abby said about her experience:

  1. What impact were you hoping to make in your community during your Liift Day? I was hoping to give back to my community and help Project Rooted accomplish their monthly goal of creating Rooted Boxes.
  2. What do you believe is your greatest strength and how did that help you in your volunteer opportunities? My greatest strength is my ability to connect. I loved that I was able to connect with other volunteers and those involved directly with Project Rooted during my Liift Day. I learned their stories, why they’re passionate about volunteering and what lead them to volunteer that day.
  3. What was your key takeaway from this experience? So many organizations and non-profits alike rely on volunteers to be successful and to keep them up and running. Volunteering is fun, easy and a fantastic way to make a difference in your local community!

Abby’s hard work in prepping these boxes were distributed to local elementary classrooms to teach the children the importance of farming and the impact healthy choices have on their growing bodies.

To learn more about what Project Rooted does, fun facts about foods, and discover lots of healthy and tasty recipes, please use the hyperlink here.