100% Fill Rate in New Market

Client Profile

This client is a $1.8B provider of enterprise-wide Internet security products and services to protect companies from breaches in their corporate networks. Their software security products identify and manage threats in network traffic, rather than simply blocking access. Historically companies have limited employee access to consumer applications such as Skype or YouTube, but as more work is being moved to the cloud via third party applications, this is no longer practical.

This professional services organization, which has grown by 30% year-over-year, provides architectural and migration design services as well as resident engineering and configuration auditing services.


While our client has remained consistent in their traditional use of channel partners for their complete go-to-market strategy, they were looking to reshape the structure for the rapidly growing Canadian market. The strategy in Canada was to build pods in which the internal teams are comprised of a Sales Representative, Account Manager, and an Engineer. They tasked their internal talent acquisition team with identifying high-level technical talent for the region. Canada is an incredibly tough market due to limited qualified resources and language barriers. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the caliber of Engineer needed for the migration and maintenance of the client network projects.


This client came to us for an exclusive partnership for their expansion into Canada. Within days, Entelligence was able to fill not only the position that the internal team struggled with, but every job order they have received since the expansion. As a new market for them and one with wide compensation variances, Entelligence also came up with a flexible pricing model and assumed training cost burden to support their new venture.


Since turning to Entelligence as their exclusive partner for the Canadian market expansion, our client has been able to meet strict deadlines in markets with little-to-no footprint. They have also been able to hire high-level technical consultants in difficult regions and meet the compensation hurdles that the varying markets presented. This has allowed them to surpass the demands of the ever-expanding Canadian market and to do so through resourceful avenues outside their traditional strategy.

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