Jeremy Bell at MaxFund

MaxFund Adoption Center

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MaxFund is a nonprofit located in Denver, Colorado committed to operating as a No Kill shelter. Since opening its doors in 1988, the mission of this organization has been to take in and nurture injured animals with no known owners. Aside from their main goal of finding a forever home for their recovered furry friends, MaxFund also serves as an affordable veterinary clinic in the community.

Jeremy spent his time and efforts ensuring that the medium/large dogs in his care were fed, walked, and properly looked after.

  1. What impact were you hoping to make in your community during your Liift Day? Denver is a dog town. We have so many shelters and adoptable dogs and lots of people looking for a dog and willing to adopt! The care that these dogs receive while they’re at the shelter, awaiting adoption, has a huge impact on their well-being, demeanor, and adoptability. By volunteering at MaxFund, I was hoping to help more dogs get the exercise that they need to become great family pets! Good dogs provide people with a measurable improvement on quality of life (lowered cortisol levels, more endorphins, faster recovery from heart attacks & strokes, and more), which impacts our society as a whole in a positive way. By volunteering at MaxFund, I was also able to lift some of the burden from their full-time staff. It’s a true no-kill shelter, and sometimes, the number of dogs that they have can be overwhelming. Without volunteers, the full-time staff wouldn’t be able to properly care for all the dogs.
  2. What do you believe is your greatest strength and how did that help you in your volunteer opportunities? My greatest strength overall is my adaptability. While searching for volunteer opportunities and while getting oriented at MaxFund, my adaptability helped me use my time where it was most needed. I was willing to help in any way that I could! I originally signed up to clean kennels, do laundry/dishes, etc., but once I arrived, MaxFund really needed a strong male to walk dogs. Larger or more misbehaved dogs require stronger walkers, and many shelter dogs are scared of men; so, having a male walk them can help them become more confident.
  3. What was your key takeaway from this experience? My key takeaway from this experience is that no volunteer effort is too small to make a difference! There are many organizations that need our help, and those organizations play a part, big or small, in improving our communities. I could have chosen to volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter, or many other places, but the area where I can have the biggest impact is in something about which I’m most passionate and have the skills to be an effective volunteer. Dogs make the world a better place; so, I’m happy to help make a dog’s world better, too!

The work Jeremy did in his short time at the Adoption Center helped to fulfill Maxfund’s mission of giving a voice to the voiceless and a second chance to an animal who had been forgotten.

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall they be saved.”- Unknown Author

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