What Does a Customer-Focused Consultant Look Like?

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Delivering customer satisfaction is crucial as a consultant. If your ultimate objective is to garner future business with that customer or ask for a referral, if you hone in on making that client satisfied you will turn a project into a long-lasting relationship.

When we hire new employees, our consultants go through an onboarding training program that is heavily focused on understanding a client’s perspective and how to meet and exceed those expectations. So what does that look like?

You consistently deliver the best you have to offer

You show up every day prepared. You realize that every client engagement is different and that the solutions from a similar client may not apply. Using your creativity to solve and work through problems is fundamental to how you operate and you strive to meet yours and your client’s goals. Their success = your success.

You think about the customer as decisions are made

As you’ve gathered information from your client, you now have a better understanding of how decisions will impact their processes. Taking these outcomes into consideration when deploying solutions and communicating your thought process, instills trust in your client that you truly have their best interests in mind. When you communicate back their priorities and how your solution fits their vision –that is showing customer focus.

You focus on improving the customer experience

Every time you communicate is a chance to impact your client’s perception of you and the work you’re doing. Though many of us have wanted to fire off an email when things aren’t going smoothly, you take the time to learn how your customer works and what is appropriate for each situation. Those with a customer focus realize “at the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou.

You routinely receive unsolicited positive feedback

At the end of each project, you may deploy a survey where you can quantify the work that you’re doing for your own personal records, or to land your next engagement. The true identifier on customer focus is that you receive positive input throughout the project, that your client feels comfortable enough to share that information, and that you continue to deliver. These anecdotal testimonials serve as a way to prove your impact so that you become the next bullet…

You are the consultant of choice

You are the one that people want to work with. You consistently have loyal repeat customers. Having clients who know you by name is huge in an industry where consultants can live on a revolving door status, sometimes they’re in, sometimes they’re out. Clients will find ways to keep you engaged so that you remain busy at their site. It’s a huge compliment to you and the work you do so keep it up!

These are the behaviors that we strive to hire and retain here at Entelligence. What ways do you prove your customer focus when you’re on an engagement? Clients, how do you know it’s happening when working with a consultant?