How are we able to hire the top 10% of it talent?

By being better each day. We believe everyone has something they do better than someone else, and by focusing on being better each day we unleash our true potential. We also believe in working with good people, and that means our clients and our team. We’ve brought together a highly trained and experienced pool of leaders, recruiters and account managers so that your IT staffing solutions get solved when it matters most.

Steve Satterwhite
Founder and CEO
John Biedermann
President and COO
Leslie Baum
VP, Training and Development
Helen Meyer Smith
Senior Account Manager
Susie Wright
Senior Account Manager
Grace Graham
Account Manager
Haley Arndt
Account Manager
Renay Haynes
Senior Accountant
Ashley Tejero
Payroll Accountant
Nate Ackerman
Senior Recruiter
Liz Clark Jewett
Senior Recruiter